Northern Victoria was probably identified as a potentially ideal location for a bloodstock nursery for the same reasons that this area stands out as the jewel of  Victoria’s  foodbowl.  We are proud of the fact that the Rochester area is the home of Australia’s most prolific producers of tomatoes for canning, a major dairy hub and a huge grower of  oaten hay for the local and export markets.  The growing conditions are optimised by the temperate conditions and plenty of sunshine through the spring, the long dry summer/autumn and the clear sunny winter months.

The rainfall is considerably less than the more southern reaches of Victoria and the lighter soils drain excellently.  Burnewang North has significant ancillary water piped via bore and river resources and we have put considerable effort into drought proofing most of the property in the past few years.  We have seen severe drought and major flood conditions in our limited time in the area and it is our plan to continue to develop and equip this unique property with resources that will enable it to be an outstanding production property into the future.

Our lucerne and mixed pastures are fresh and plentiful throughout the main property with much of the 1800 acres fully fenced for thoroughbred horses.  The layout and conditions on the property ensure safety of the stock, and the dedicated team that takes care of them is instrumental in their development.

Most of our commercial cropping business is undertaken on an adjacent property known as Burnewang West. Burnewang West has an excellent water supply through two deep lead bores. Prime lucerne stands are  flood irrigated via pipe and riser systems on the property as well as hard hoses on the undulating front horse paddocks.   Dryland areas produce oaten hay, wheat and canola.

Burnewang North were the proud recipients of the 2014 GMW Rural Water Award for the best above ground water system.

Burnewang North harvests in excess of 3,000 tonnes of mixed crops, including prime irrigated lucerne hay, oaten hay, canola and grains such as oats and wheat.  We use these products for our own thoroughbred stock and livestock and place considerable importance on the freshness and high quality of the fodder.  The bulk of our crops are sold commercially through Australian and return customers include our colleagues in the breeding and racing business.

All of our cropping products are regularly feed tested and the results are available to interested buyers.

Should you have any enquiries regarding the availability of fodder, please call Tanya Edwards on 03 9664 8360.